Jen P.


My daughter absolutely loved the camp! She has been swinging the pendulum and checking our chakras all week. She has learned so much about the 3rd eye and she continues to charge her crystal and even leave out water at night under the moon for "peace water".

Amy L


My son truly enjoyed attending Ms. Kayla's spirit classes. He even agreed to miss 3 of his beloved hockey games to instead participate in her "Chakras for Children" workshop. Kayla is an exceptional teacher; she was my son's preschool teacher last year. Since I've known her, Kayla always displays great kindness and patience in her work with children of all abilities. Our family feels lucky to know her!

Amy S.


Very informative class for all children. Miss Simpson is very attentive to the individual needs of each student and wants to see them learn and grow to their potential. My daughter truly took a liking to this class and even came home teaching the rest of our family about what she learned.

Selina W.


My 6 year old had recently become interested in meditation so I thought this class would be a good introduction to mindfulness. Miss Kayla was super informative with me before the class, and awesome with all of the children and their specific needs during the classes. Best of all, my son learned about and has retained some great tools. We're looking forward to the next class!

Rachel D.


Wow, my 3/5 year olds loved Club Chakra and I loved learning too! Kayla is very patient and supportive to the kids. She knows how to encourage each individual to be their best self. Since 3 of the kids were older than my 3 year old she gave her play dough to fidget with on parts that required more attention. It made her feel special and helped her! I was just amazed at the topics the kids were learning. I loved when they learned to muscle test themselves, so that they could learn what's best for their bodies, and how they were learning great beginnings to meditation and yoga. I felt like the club was a perfect mix of learning, stories, and amazing art projects that the kids could use at home to practice what they learned. I can't wait for my kids to do more with Kayla!

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